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Intelemark Debunks Common Myths About B2B Appointment Setting Services in Latest Executive Report

New Report Reveals the Benefits of Partnering With an Experienced, Reliable Appointment Setting Provider

Phoenix, Arizona (May 25, 2016) – Intelemark, a provider of B2B lead generation and appointment setting services, just published a breakthrough executive report detailing common myths about outsourced appointment setting. The report, entitled 7 Common Myths About B2B Appointment Setting Services speaks to a variety of challenges that B2B sales professionals experience on a regular basis.

While the report focuses on just seven specific myths, it covers numerous issues related to the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of hiring a professional appointment setting provider. Issues covered by the report include:

  • Varying quality among appointments depending on a lead’s level of qualification
  • Whether salespeople should be scheduling their own appointments
  • Affordability of in-house vs. outsourced inside sales
  • Standards and parameters for lead qualification
  • Business expertise of various B2B appointment setting firms
  • Skill sets required for effective appointment setting

“All too often, B2B organizations decline to work with an appointment setting service, even when working with the right partner could help them increase sales far above their investment in an appointment setting campaign,” explained Murray Goodman, CEO of Intelemark. “In this executive report, we address some of the most common objections to hiring a vendor for this critical service, including those that relate to cost and operational efficiency.

“The bottom line is that appointment setting is extremely complex,” continued Murray. “It can be difficult for discerning professionals to distinguish the wheat from the chaff and select a truly qualified vendor. This new report will help those individuals overcome their trepidation about hiring an appointment setting service and empower them to select a provider who helps them meet sales goals.”

Interested parties can download 7 Common Myths About B2B Appointment Setting Services today.

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