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5 Reasons to Insource or Outsource Telemarketing

outsource telemarketing

Many B2B companies choose to outsource telemarketing and it’s easy to understand why. The advantages of outsourcing are compelling compared to building an in-house telemarketing team.

Sales insourcing too, is starting to catch on. A method that combines elements of outsourcing with in-house inside sales, many organizations now hire demand generation experts to recruit, build, train, motivate and manage an in-house inside sales team.

Here are five reasons it could make sense for you to outsource or insource telemarketing:

  1. You need to bring in new skill sets.

Even organizations with talented salespeople and visionary leaders sometimes lack the knowledge and time needed to build a high-performing inside sales operation.

At Intelemark, one of the most common reasons new clients choose to work with us comes down to our expertise vs. theirs. Our experience lies in developing effective campaigns that put you in touch with decision makers and increase the volume of qualified leads.

Outsourcing can be a fantastic way to bring lead generation and appointment setting skill sets into your organization right away.

  1. Your sales team currently handles telemarketing.

Do you want salespeople handling telemarketing, even if they’re good at it? Every minute they spend calling suspects or checking in on targets is a minute they aren’t spending on their core competency or what they are really paid to do: negotiating and closing deals for your company (bringing in revenue).

Lead generation and getting front of your high quality targets are top priorities. Making that their priority can increase operating efficiency and help your salespeople be more effective at their jobs.

  1. Inside sales is extremely time consuming.

If you’re keen to build and manage an inside sales team on your own, get ready for a monumental time and financial commitment. In addition to developing new hiring criteria, recruiting, screening candidates, selecting agents, and onboarding them, you also have to engage in continuous training and performance monitoring. You also need to have the proper telephony, reporting capabilities and data management experience.

Unless you’ve done it before, inside sales could quickly overwhelm your existing managers and leaders.

Insourcing can be a great way to mitigate the time and financial constraints of managing an inside sales team. Hire experts to build and manage the team for you. It’s cost effective, time effective and will make your entire sales organization more efficient.

  1. Building and managing your own team can be expensive.

How much will it cost to build and manage your own team? When performing this calculation, be sure to account for:

  • Expenses relating to recruiting, hiring, onboarding, motivating, coaching, and managing the team
  • Compensation, benefits, and payroll processing
  • Workspace, telephone, computer, software and licensing, and utilities
  • Salaries and benefits for any new managers or appropriate allocation of existing staff salaries
  • Performance monitoring and management
  • Cost of managing the team instead of focusing on your core competency

Then compare those expenses with outsourcing to a qualified provider, whose costs are far more predictable. If you find that outsourcing is more cost effective, it makes little sense to keep telemarketing in house.

  1. You stage campaigns periodically, but not all the time.

Why build an inside sales team if your campaigns are periodic and/or irregular, not often enough to warrant a full-time inside sales team.

For organizations that pursue intermittent telemarketing campaigns, outsourcing almost always makes the most sense. You can book a specific number of hours for a campaign with a precise beginning and end date. Outsourcing telemarketing for short campaigns makes more financial sense than building your own team and avoids overloading salespeople with prospecting or telemarketing tasks.

At Intelemark, we provide sales insourcing and outsourced lead generation services to B2B companies in the healthcare, technology, manufacturing and financial services industries. If it’s time to insource or outsource telemarketing at your organization, contact Intelemark today!

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