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B2B Call Centers Have the Services You Need to Help Your Company Drive Sales

Quality B2B leads are essential to business development. Finding these leads is a highly time-consuming task, performed on a daily basis. But it is a key task to driving revenue opportunities for your salespeople and company and it simply must be done every day.

Communicating your value proposition clearly and addressing your prospects’ daily business challenges is essential to resonating with them in a meaningful way. The right message is important, and equally important is the professional agent on the phone speaking to the prospect.

If your sales team is finding that generating leads is difficult or they are spending far too much time researching qualified B2B sales leads, outsourcing these time-consuming B2B lead generation activities to an experienced team may be your smartest sales strategy yet. These activities are exactly what B2B Call Centers execute every day and good ones do it with expert skill.

Remember, you want your sales team concentrating their efforts on closing the sale.

There are 4 factors you should focus on when planning your goals for the year and deciding how to implement the best lead generation plan.

  • Effective outreach strategies – what are these strategies and how can they be implemented.
  • The factors for successful campaigns – what you need to know to set yourself up for success.
  • Experience – why experience matters in specialized industries.
  • Results – what you can expect from an outsourced campaign. 

Effective Outreach Strategies

Consistent effort and communication with current customers and prospects are key in effective B2B lead generation strategies throughout the sales cycle. Unless you are investing on bringing your lead generation efforts in-house, you will want to focus on outsourcing key call center services including:

  • B2B APPOINTMENT SETTING:  Secure appointments with qualified leads. Fill your sales pipeline with a consistent volume of qualified targets with our outbound call center services. Calling agents connect you with qualified leads and schedule meetings for your sales team. You will need to determine the parameters for qualified appointments, which helps you determine the success of your campaigns. A talented and experienced outsourced B2B Call Center welcomes these guidelines and parameters. Outsourcing this prospecting task allows your sales team to focus on the customer experience and closing the sale.
  • B2B SALES LEAD QUALIFICATIONDiscover new prospects with a need for your solution. Using benchmarks you specify, agents contact your list of prospects that may be compiled from your website, trade shows, webinars or even your database leads. Within the lead qualification campaign, it is determined if they fit your customer profile and are currently or soon to be engaged in the buying process. Outsourcing this B2B telemarketing service helps you eliminate high call volumes internally, giving your sales reps the opportunity to focus all their time on speaking directly with decision-makers without wasting valuable time on cold calling.
  • B2B SALES LEAD GENERATION: Make valuable connections with real decision-makers that lead to sales. A team of lead generation experts spend the time searching for qualified leads, saving your team valuable time by delegating the time-consuming task of outbound calling to an outsourced B2B Call Center. The job of your vendor is to communicate your value proposition, identify people who want to speak to you and then turn the lead over for you and your team to close the sale.
  • CUSTOMER REACTIVATION SERVICES: Reach dormant or lost customers; entice them to become active customers. Customized reactivation campaigns are designed to re-engage inactive customers, typically with a special offer. Reactivating these customers is
    5X more cost-effective than acquiring new customers and it reinforces your company’s high level of customer care while providing an exceptional customer experience.
  • CUSTOMER RETENTION SERVICESRetain valuable customers. Increase profits. Customer retention is designed to contact your current customer base through telemarketing campaigns in an effort to keep your brand top-of-mind with various tactics such as a special offer, or to conduct a satisfaction survey. Your sales team already has a relationship with this customer. A smart marketing strategy includes nurturing this relationship with exceptional customer support.
  • DATABASE CLEANUP: Update your aging, outdated databases. We feel it is important to utilize only English speaking call center agents, and a database cleanup campaign will update your database to refresh names, titles, phone numbers, addresses, and other required or desired data.
  • EMERGENCY TELEMARKETING: For the calling campaign that needed to start yesterday – when you need to communicate with your customer base YESTERDAY, be sure that the outsourced B2B Call Center you engage can make your aggressive calling campaign operative quickly – within 2-3 days. That’s emergency telemarketing services.
  • EVENT REGISTRATION: Fill the venue with your ideal prospects. While always protecting and promoting your brand, a successful event registration campaign drives attendance to your event, live or web-based, with your ideal attendees and prospects. Post event, your vendor can also follow-up and help you close more sales with additional call center solutions!
  • B2B TELEMARKETING: Supplement lead generation efforts with telemarketing services. Busy sales teams can focus 100% of their efforts on selling and closing their existing sales pipeline. And telemarketers can manage the cold calling and prospecting process.
  • SALES ENABLEMENT CONSULTING SERVICES: Evaluate the wellness of your sales operation. A regular health check-up of your sales function should be part of every business plan. Not all B2B Call Centers provide this service, however Intelemark does offer this service. Our expert team, among other things, reviews lead generation efforts and sales accountability, in order to provide valuable direction for your management and sales team.
  • SURVEYS: MARKET RESEARCH & CUSTOMER FEEDBACK: Gain insights that help you collect information from key audiences. A survey and market research campaign targets audiences who can provide you critical information to better grow your business. Having the right knowledge can be the difference between successful business growth or failure.
  • SALES ACCOUNT BASED MARKETING: Focus your marketing and sales efforts on  specific companies. Direct your budget to highly targeted markets and companies likely to become a customer. The right outreach campaign is designed to put you in front of key decision-makers.
  • SALES INTELLIGENCEUncover competitive data that helps you increase sales. By having in-depth conversations with leads and prospects, your vendor collects valuable information about your competitive landscape and your target audience’s pain points, needs, preferences and desired solutions.
  • SALES INSOURCING SERVICES: This is a service Intelemark provides. The vendor you choose will manage your inside sales team; you run your business. This service merges the advantages of inhouse sales with the benefits of outsourced lead generation and business development expertise. Be sure to pick the right vendor for your needs to manage your inside sales team. Intelemark has the right experience and proprietary technology.
  • TELEMARKETING CONSULTING: A skilled B2B Call Center can help you maximize your opportunities for success. A company like Intelemark, with 20+ years of experience, can be your secret weapon and the difference-maker for your telemarketing efforts. Trust a reliable resource to guide you to success. Expertise is a key factor in building a successful telemarketing effort.
  • TRADESHOW SUPPORT: Lead generation services that help you reach your target ROI goal – connect with leads before and after trade shows. Intelemark feels that professional English speaking agents should be utilized in these efforts for best results. This type of campaign drives attendees to meet with you at the trade show and then, follow up with new contacts after an event.
  • VAR COMMUNICATION: Expand and refine your VAR network. A targeted calling campaign can help you validate existing value-added reseller relationships and identify new ones. B2B Call Centers and the services it provides can also help keep VARs updated on new products/services, new initiatives and/or industry specific information.
  • INBOUND CALL CENTER SERVICES: Outsource these important inbound services to keep your business running smoothly. Key call center services can be outsourced for short-term or ongoing, longer-term projects including – customer service, incident management, incident logging, call routing, and inbound answering services. 

Successful Campaigns Depends on a Number of Factors

Appointment setting and lead generation and other associated services are not easy. They are time-consuming efforts and required a great deal of effort and time by your sales team. Astute companies and sales teams understand the value of the efforts for generating leads and business development, but they also realize their sales team’s time may be better spent solely on closing the sale while outsourcing all other tasks and efforts.

What are the many contributing factors to the success of your efforts?

  • Be sure to select the right vendor – What are your needs? Successful vendors have a professional, experienced staff and management team who value qualified appointments over quantity that meet your parameters of a qualified lead.
  • Experience in the industry matters – This is a favorable strength but not necessarily a deal-breaker. (You may be surprised that we are saying this!) Substantial business experience is critical, and this is the deal-breaker. The staff and management of your vendor should have experience in multiple industries. Even if past experience does not match your company’s industry exactly, the knowledge and expertise gained from those experiences from a properly experienced staff can help to successfully execute lead generation campaigns by drawing on tactics, strategies and results from campaigns in other industries. Business experience is key, and an expert professional should then have the ability to apply it to current campaigns. This is a great benefit from which to draw.
  • The basic foundation and tools to develop a successful campaign is important –  Technology, the ability to integrate with your company’s CRM, access to appropriate calling data, knowledgeable and sophisticated calling agents, and qualified management oversight are all key factors to successful appointment setting campaigns. This shows you how important the right choice of vendor is key – they should fully understand its role in your company’s sales process and how to best serve the needs of your marketing team and sales reps so that their focus can be solely on closing sales.
  • The experience of the management team matters – Working with a company that has executed thousands of campaigns is an enviable benefit. When a vendor, like Intelemark has over 20+ years’ experience, you are engaging a company who is skilled at qualifying leads, delivering quality sales appointments, and has built their experience within a wide variety of industries and businesses. You want to hire a vendor with an experienced management team who has the ability to glean information from one industry and apply it to another. 

Experience Matters in Specialized for Industries

An experience vendor who has provided successful sales support calling campaigns over a number of years is invaluable. They understand the impact they have on your company’s success. Intelemark takes the task to heart!

Lead generation is not easy – it is well-known that not every prospect we talk to will result in an appointment or sales lead. However we do feel every conversation we have about your company makes a difference – it can and should have a positive impact on your image in the marketplace and ultimately on your bottom line. For that reason, you should always consider a vendor’s approach to lead generation and their experience and understand that these points are a distinct advantage (or disadvantage) to you as you make a choice for the right company to represent your sales team. 

In the healthcare industry, we feel we offer experience that other vendors may not.  Healthcare lead generation and appointment setting is an art form. Intelemark has perfected process of successful campaigns over the past 10 years since Murray Goodman, current Intelemark CEO, spent more than 15 years selling into hospitals and clinics, overseeing large sales organizations that targeted hospitals, clinics and physician practices, and consulting with healthcare organizations as well as companies that marketed to hospitals, group practices, and clinics. These are invaluable years of experience that provide the foundation for the expertise Intelemark provides to clients in this industry. Clients benefit greatly from this experience and success dealing with both sides of the healthcare equation. It provides a unique perspective to clients who seek to penetrate the healthcare lead generation and appointment setting space and a perspective that lesser experienced vendors simply cannot provide.

In specialized industries, it is important to deploy mature, experienced, and qualified agents who are fluent in the nuances of the industry and can best manage these lead generation campaigns.

The technology industry is another that benefits from an experienced vendor, such as Intelemark. Experience drives revenue growth opportunities in these advanced, progressive industries. As you research B2B Call Center vendors, do their technology appointment setting campaigns draw from experience in lead generation for technology and software providers in multiple industries including the medical, pharmaceutical, education, financial services, manufacturing, legal, and local and federal government, and broadcast industries?

Examine the processes each vendor uses. For example, before Intelemark ever picks up the phone to make the first prospecting call, we have already spent hours doing our own preparation – understanding your offering, your brand, your business model, your message, and your market. We consider our experience team of professionals an extension of your team. When we contact the prospect, we will deliver a message that holds their attention. With information pertinent to their business and the challenges they face in their industry, the relevancy of your company’s offerings results in their willingness to listen to the phone call. We ensure your prospect is qualified and committed to speak to you at the specified time and do not present any leads to you that are not a true, qualified lead. Quantity it not the goal. Quality of the lead is the single goal.

What Results Can You Expect from an Outsourced Campaign?

Results are variable because many critical factors exist across different industries, and then drilling down, across different companies. It is important to understand if the vendor you choose to work with has the proper skills, knowledge, and expertise to execute successful B2B appointment setting campaigns on behalf of your company. This important point cannot be stated enough and more urgently.

To prepare your company for success and evaluate vendors you are considering, ask the following questions:

  • Is your message compelling? You are trying to capture the attention of your prospects. If your message needs work to improve it, is the vendor you are considering up for the job? The wrong messaging or a weak message can devalue the products and services you are offering. This is extremely important – both the messaging and choosing the right vendor.
  • Are the agents that will be representing your company competent and experienced? The experience of the agents who will be on the frontline of your appointment setting campaigns is a critical success factor that should not be overlooked. Chances are a vendor you are considering experiences high turnover if they deploy a staff of professionals with little or no significant business experience and sales development know how. This is detrimental for current and future campaigns you are implementing, and it is a definitive disadvantage to you.
  • Is protecting your brand identity at all costs a priority to the vendor and its staff? This cannot be stressed strongly enough. Your brand is being represented by this vendor and two of your company’s most valuable assets are your brand and its reputation. It takes years to build a great reputation and only moments to destroy it. Choosing the right vendor means you are choosing the company to represent your brand and act as an extension of your inside sales team. It is imperative that they understand this exceptionally important point.

When we talk about results, ultimately it is the marketplace that determines the success of a campaign. A skilled and knowledgeable vendor utilizes the tools they have in order to produce successful results.

  • They must have an appropriate type of oversight.
  • It is important that they understand how the data is performing.
  • The vendor must listen and make appropriate adjustments based on agent feedback.
  • It is essential to understand and make appropriate adjustments according to what the market tells us.

When all this aligns, you should be able to see a significant ROI for your campaign.

And important point to consider is how the campaign is priced. For Intelemark, because our B2B appointment setters are paid hourly, not on commission, the quality of the lead Intelemark brings you is the sole focus, not only the quantity.

Examine all the important factors when you are choosing the vendor who will generate leadsyou’re your sales team – the experience level of the team of professionals, the campaign process, and their focus on quality over quantity. These factors differentiate the exception B2B Call Centers and lead generation vendors from the rest of a crowded field.

Contact Intelemark today to understand how a customized B2B appointment setting campaign by Intelemark can drive outstanding results for your company.



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