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Setting Expectations: B2B Telemarketing Campaign Results

Would You Rather Be Delighted or Disappointed with Your Calling Campaign?

Investments are not without expectations, and B2B telemarketing campaigns are no exception. Unfortunately, setting realistic expectations is not something that many companies in this industry do very well. We think lead generation companies can do better, because we think lead generation customers deserve better. The next best thing is knowing which questions to ask and which factors to consider to get a more realistic view of the results you can expect.

Be Realistic, Not Optimistic

The more realistic your expectations are up front, the more likely you are to be satisfied rather than disappointed by the results. Part of that involves asking the right questions so you know whether the estimates provided are most likely or best case. Each campaign is dramatically different—different targets, different markets, different messages, etc. Expectations should reflect the unique nature of your campaign. For any estimates you are given, ask whether such results have ever actually been achieved.

“Inflated, unrealistic expectations don’t do prospective clients any good. We’ve lost business because prospects have gone with vendors who have painted a much rosier picture, but then they are either soured by the entire experience or they never use an outsourced vendor again. The unethical approach to setting expectations is an issue in our industry. That’s one of the reasons we’re different.”

-Murray Goodman, CEO

Ask How, Not How Many

It’s one thing to promise hundreds or even thousands of leads, and quite another to explain how. Asking “how” is one of the best ways to make sure you aren’t being fed over-inflated, unrealistic projections. Ethical lead generation providers should be able to explain their approach, the tactics involved in a campaign and the process for qualifying prospects. If a company can’t explain how they work, or if the explanation doesn’t back up the projections you’re given, you shouldn’t expect the results they promise.

“Less ethical B2B appointment setting companies promise things that are well beyond reality. Prospects should think about the estimates they are given and whether they pass the reality test. Do the math yourself. Does it make sense? How do lead generation companies expect to deliver the numbers they are projecting? If it doesn’t make sense to you, it’s probably not going to net the results you were promised.”

-Murray Goodman, CEO

Talk Variables, Not Deliverables

The success of a B2B telemarketing campaign depends on a number of factors, all of which should be considered when estimating the number of leads or appointments that are expected. Companies that provide any sort of estimate without going over these variables have no way of knowing whether those results are attainable. Factors that should be discussed include:

  • Your industry – Expectations should make sense given the industry you serve. Highly competitive? Ultra-niche? Then you should expect more conservative results. B2B telemarketing companies should be able to explain the challenges and opportunities of generating leads in your industry so you have more realistic expectations about the ROI of your campaign.
  • Your market – Who are the prospects you’re trying to reach? What are their job titles? Where do they work? Estimates should take into account the level of connections being made. This is also an opportunity for you to make sure that a B2B lead generation provider is targeting the right prospects who have the power and authority to make actual purchasing decisions.
  • Your message – What is your most compelling value proposition? How does your message resonate with buyers in your space? Are you communicating how your solution helps prospects solve their critical business issues? It’s hard to make any sort of estimates without first knowing how relevant and compelling your messaging is.

“If your vendor is providing estimates of productivity without addressing the potential variables to success in your campaign, something is wrong. Unfortunately, this is something companies in this industry do too often. They guarantee a certain number of appointments without having any idea whether they can realistically set those appointments or how long it will take. That’s why we do a test campaign first so we know what the market is telling us about your offering, and so our clients know what they can expect going forward.”

-Murray Goodman, CEO

What Kind of Results Can You Expect?

Our ethical and responsible approach to B2B lead generation and appointment setting is one of the ways we’re changing our industry for the better, and it’s what allows us to generate meaningful connections that drive real results for our clients.

How healthy is your lead generation?

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