B2B Telemarketing Works (Here’s Why)

June 21, 2021

Why Telemarketing is One of the Most Effective B2B Lead Generation Methods

At a time when digital marketing budgets are exploding, it is important not to forget about one of the oldest (and most effective) ways of generating B2B leads—telemarketing. After all, there is a reason almost 90% of marketing managers in Fortune 500 companies say telemarketing is effective for generating leads and customer outreach: it works.

Why does B2B telemarketing work? And what are the benefits of a B2B calling campaign? Remember, in today’s digital world, finding a balance between traditional marketing and sales methods and the many online, digital methods available to companies is a smart marketing strategy. A phone call, a direct mail piece, well-timed telemarketing calls, and follow-up calls are still valuable today in a B2B marketing plan. Sales teams that continue to keep cold calling in their toolbox find success. Yes, even in a digital world. Talking to human beings or receiving correspondence directly remains memorable and impactful.

The power of a phone call and human connection helps to generate trust and build relationships. People do business with people, not companies. And they do business with people they trust. This is as true for professionals in B2B companies as it is B2C companies.

B2B Telemarketing is Conversational Marketing

According to Murray Goodman, CEO of Intelemark, the most critical element of B2B sales is the conversation. “In a B2B sale of any size,” he says, “people are ultimately going to have a conversation before a sale is consummated. Telemarketing gives vendors the opportunity to showcase their brand with a high-quality introduction from a real person instead of an email meant for mass distribution.”

Your prospects’ business decisions are influenced by emotional and social factors as well as the obvious limitations and concerns about need, timeliness, price and value. The goal of any sales and marketing effort, then, is to build a relationship with potential buyers so you can understand their needs and how best to position your product or service as the solution to their critical business issues. An effective telemarketing strategy brings brand awareness to the conversation with potential customers and is a priority in every marketing campaign.

Showing that your company can understand their pain points and address their needs is the telemarketer’s sales support contribution to the overall process of closing the sale. That is why telemarketing is so effective—it is all about making that connection.

The best B2B telemarketers know how to guide a conversation so a prospect feels comfortable sharing details about their needs, challenges and concerns. They also know how to respond in such a way that steers the conversation toward solving the prospect’s critical business issue. That is why maturity matters, and why experienced B2B calling agents make all the difference in the success of a telemarketing campaign.

B2B Telemarketing Delivers the Right Leads

According to a recent survey, increasing quality of leads is the top priority for sales reps. At the same time, this is one of the most difficult activities for salespeople: 43% of salespeople report struggling most with prospecting, according to HubSpot’s 2022 State of Inbound report. Prospecting and its many steps is time-consuming and one the biggest challenges of sales organizations. B2B telemarketing campaigns can help.

Not only is B2B telemarketing a great way to fill your sales pipeline with top-of-funnel leads, but the leads generated through an outbound calling campaign are typically much “warmer” than leads from other outsourced efforts. That is because quality B2B calling agents make sure prospects are qualified and ready to speak with a salesperson before passing them along. Often, multiple calls are required, and this is where lead nurturing comes into the sales process. Tracking the calls and connections made is greatly helped with a good CRM platform and allows sales reps to stay informed on each step in the process executed by the telesales team. That is why Intelemark’s clients on average see a 40% increase in qualified lead generation and a 30-70% increase in top-of-sales pipeline activity.

Ultimately, it may be most cost-effective for your company and sales team to outsource B2B telemarketing services. An experienced, talented telemarketing company can take over the time-consuming tasks of prospecting, lead nurturing follow-up, and qualifying quality leads, allowing your sales closers to close sales!

B2B Telemarketing Helps Improve Your Messaging

Another reason B2B telemarketing campaigns pay off is because they provide valuable insights that would be difficult (if not impossible) to gather otherwise. Experienced agents are able to decipher how your target customers are thinking and feeling about your brand, your offering and your value proposition. Poor conversions? Lack of interest? You know that something is not resonating with prospects, and that is as good a starting point as any to figure out how to improve your messaging.

That is where Intelemark can help.

Our calling agents provide valuable feedback about how your message resonates with real B2B buyers and decision-makers. These insights can be extremely helpful since they reflect the thoughts and opinions of the kinds of buyers who are most likely to be your customers. Hearing this feedback straight from the mouths of your prospects is the best market research because these are truly future potential customers. We will then use this information to help improve your messaging so prospects feel that we are speaking the language they want to hear. That is the Intelemark difference, and it is one of the ways we give our clients a competitive edge.

We are known as The Business Connection Company. Intelemark helps build the relationships and then hands over the qualified leads to your sales team so that they can close the sale. Find out what kind of connections we can make for you. To learn more about our B2B telemarketing services, or to schedule a test campaign, contact us online or call 480-418-5550.