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Intelemark Publishes Landmark White Paper on Reasons to Outsource or Insource an Inside Sales Team

New Resource Underscores Advantages of Outsourcing with Attention to “Best of Both Worlds” Insourcing Opportunity

Phoenix, Arizona (March 30, 2016) – Intelemark, a leading provider of lead generation and appointment setting services, has published a new white paper: Benefits of Insourcing or Outsourcing an Inside Sales Team. The new resource is available as a free download from the Intelemark website.

In the new white paper, Intelemark shows readers why many B2B companies would choose to insource rather than outsource their inside sales operation and vice versa. Insourcing, of course, refers to the process of hiring a third party firm to select, onboard, and manage an organization’s in-house inside sales team. The new white paper reveals:

  • Why insourcing sometimes makes more sense, financially and strategically, than outsourcing lead generation or appointment setting campaigns
  • When traditional outsourcing is the best option and reasons why some companies continue to outsource rather than build an in-house lead generation team
  • The nuts and bolts of insourcing: what companies should expect from a reliable insourcing vendor, the processes an insourced team should follow, and how insourced lead generation agents should manage and monitor team performance

“Many companies understand the advantages of an in-house inside sales operation, but they lack the time or resources to build and manage a high-performing team,” said Murray Goodman, CEO of Intelemark. “That’s where insourcing comes in. This white paper will help business leaders understand insourcing and how it can help them achieve objectives relating to consistent, reliable results.”

“The guide also compares insourcing to traditional outsourcing,” added Goodman. “While insourcing can be an effective way to build your own inside sales team, outsourcing is still the best option for many organizations. We analyze the differences between the two approaches so that readers can choose the option that helps them meet either short- or long-term goals.”

Download Benefits of Insourcing or Outsourcing an Inside Sales Team today.

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